About Me

I am a London-based creative leader with a broad range of experience across a wide variety of mediums. I love brands with spirit and have a proven track-record of creating teams that are empowered, passionate, dedicated, high-performing and award-winning.

Over my 20 year career I have led design teams of all sizes in collaboration with in-house Marketing, Product, PR and Development teams.



Gijs Verrycken

Product Director / blinkbox Books - Tesco digital entertainment

Lisa led the design/UX function at blinkbox books, covering Marketing, web, IOS and Android devices. This frequently involved liaising with a complex set of teams and requirements, in addition to really tight deadlines. She excelled at this role and is an excellent team lead. She was vital in setting the strategic direction of the digital brand, not just at books but also across the wider blinkbox group. I will really miss working with her.

Stephen Hardingham

Head of Design Online / Channel 4 Television

I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa over the past 10 years. She is an exceptionally creative, talented and intelligent designer as well as infectiously professional, extremely personable and greatly respected by her colleagues. Lisa responds enthusiastically to design challenges and, calling on a wealth of invaluable experience, can always be relied upon to offer informed, appropriate and creative solutions.

Rob Pearson

Head of UX / Amido

For OK! Lisa was sole visual designer on a relaunch of its high traffic, content rich website. As it was a lean, agile project, Lisa, the dev team and I (the UX designer) collaborated closely throughout to design something that was as intuitive, usable and great looking as possible within the constraints of the project. The design brief changed several times during the project, but Lisa’s attitude was always positive, and she was always focused on getting done whatever needed doing.

Sarah Rogers

Product Manager Film4.com and E4.com / Channel 4 Television

I’ve worked with Lisa for 7 years and have always been impressed, not just by her design skills, but with the way she deals with external agencies. She always knows how to get the best out of the team and through clever art direction ensures the end product is outstanding. Lisa is also very good with senior stakeholders as she has a talent for presenting and explaining things in a way that everyone can relate to. She’s an asset on any project and a joy to work with!

Kathleen Radford

Group Product Director / blinkbox

Lisa is so much more than an exceptional design talent. Lisa's unique skills lie in seeing the full picture and being able to work with anyone, from any role or function, to deliver great experiences for the customer. No matter how stressful a deadline, or how many opinions there are in the room, Lisa is able to cut through and bring people together. She constantly contributes to building great team morale; the utmost professional while being great fun to work with!